BMA to demolish collapsed building in 24 hours


The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) will demolish the collapsed commercial building by today after a rescue team has retrieved bodies of four people trapped inside.

According to Nathanon Thavisin, the Permanent Secretary for BMA, the BMA expecte the demolition work to be done in 24 hours.

The search for people trapped inside the collapse building will be terminated since all the bodies of the remaining four people trapped inside were retrieved early this morning.

They are three rescue volunteers and a senior police officer who supervised the fire fighting team.

All the four bodies were covered with the national flag, a highest honour as they died in the line of duties, Nathanon said.

Generous reward and welfare benefits will be offered to the families / dependents of the four people who died.

The 7-storey building, belonged to United Union Part Co, which collapsed after a fire broke out on the fourth floor last Sunday afternoon.

Some firefighters and rescue workers / volunteers managed to escape unhurt before the building collapsed.

Legal action willl be taken against the owner of the building for adding two additional floors to the building without obtaining permission, BMA official said.

Published on Jan 11 , 2005

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